My own approach to eating is the same one that I promote to my clients when we discuss nutrition & eating to support our hormones.

What I have deemed "Restorative Eating" is a combination of nutritional information derived from my studies on supporting our body's biological needs as females partnered with my experience of the relationship that we as women have with food in today's world.

It's an approach to eating that does not conform to traditional diet mentality but that promotes health and balance at its core!

What is Restorative Eating?

Restorative Eating is actively choosing to ...

- Eat foods that are deeply nourishing (mineral & nutrient-dense/ easy to digest)

- Eat foods that support our body's natural detoxification & hormone balancing processes

-  Eat in a way that supports our blood sugar balance

But it's more than just that ...

  • It's how we eat... We eat mindfully and express gratitude for each meal! Honoring each food as the healing gift from mother earth that it is!

  • It's why we eat... We eat to nourish and heal our bodies! We eat to support a healthy metabolism and provide the nutrients needed to create healthy hormones and balanced bodies so that we can thrive and live life to its fullest potential! Yet we also eat to enjoy the tastes and variety that our earth has provided in abundance!

  • It's how we feel about eating...  We are not ashamed when we have treats or choose to eat something we normally wouldn't. We know that food is tied with emotions, is influenced by our families & cultures, and allows us to connect with others in social settings. We give ourselves grace to live and enjoy our lives!

  • It's how we talk about eating... We take back our power over our sustenance. We do not focus on restrictive diets and cutting out food groups. Rather we choose to eat foods that support our health and wellness goals!​ Restorative eating is empowering and does not come from a mindset of lack but rather of healing & abundance!


“Food is meant to be a joyful part of your life. True health & balance does not come from deprivation.”