Like most women, I didn’t get much education or discussion around my period or hormonal health growing up. To be more precise, the extent of it was a group “period talk” in 5th grade that was awkward and not very informative. So when the time came and I experienced debilitating cramps each month that forced me to miss school and miss out on life, I thought that was just how it was for women.


Luckily my concerned mother didn’t want that for me and took me to her gynecologist. Unluckily, I was placed on hormonal birth control at the age of 13 with no further discussion of its effects outside of the claim that it should help with my monthly pain.

For the next 14 years, we would try different brands and different types of birth control, yet I would still suffer from terrible cramps a few days a month AND even more hormonal symptoms would pile on. Including...

- Cyclical migraines
- Hormonal acne
- Chronic digestive issues
- Sleep issues
- Chronic fatigue
- Heatstroke & cold sensitivity
- Mood swings
- Consistent nausea
- And more...


It took me years to discover that the hormonal birth control that was supposed to be "helping" me, was actually throwing my entire body off-kilter. Let me be clear, I am not hating on hormonal birth control (it helped me to easily and confidently not get pregnant for years when I needed that certainty). But I am hating on the fact that it is falsely prescribed as a cure-all and that women and girls are not educated on its effects on the body & brain. And I am hating on the fact that we aren’t typically educated on alternative methods of birth control like the FAM method that still offer certainty without pumping fake hormones into our body. 

My own health journey led me to also discover how the contraceptives we use, the food we eat, the toxins we are surrounded by, and even the way we set up our schedules can all affect our hormonal balance, which in return can affect nearly every aspect of our health and well-being as women. 

In fact, I was already a practicing health coach when I was truly confronted with this knowledge and it helped me to understand why sometimes nothing seemed to work for certain women I was coaching.


Our hormonal health is often the missing piece to experiencing whole health. And sadly, like it was for me, it’s often the last thing that women turn to when no other health remedies have healed them of their ailments. 

So I've made it my mission to flip that paradigm upside down! I am here to help women learn about their body’s beautifully complex functioning, to help them balance their hormones & heal symptomatic or painful periods while synchronizing with their menstrual cycles to live their best lives each and every day!

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My Training

My coaching career actually began when I was serving as an educational coach for the primary school that I worked at. My role was meant to be coaching teachers on how to improve their instruction, yet I found that many of my 1:1 meetings centered around mindset work and how to lower their stress levels so they could show up as their best selves each day for their students. 

This set me on a path toward wanting to work with women on their overall health and well-being which had always been a passion of mine. So I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach and help even more women.

The beginning of my health coaching career offered me a wide variety of experience and skill-building. I worked for a large health coaching company, coaching hundreds of different individuals with varying health needs in my time there. I also work alongside a Naturopathic doctor, coaching her patients to ensure they are set up for success with their new lifestyle regimens.

Through my initial experiences, two things became clear to me...

1.) Women needed much more specialized health care than men

2.) Hormonal health was the missing piece for the majority of women seeking out solutions to their symptoms

So my path was clear... if I wanted to truly help women be their best & healthiest selves I needed to focus my coaching on their hormonal health!

So I enrolled in a comprehensive, small group program providing in-depth training on women's hormone health and am thrilled to now be helping women discover whole health through balancing their hormones & synchronizing with their menstrual cycles.