As the moon moves through its different phases, so do women.


We experience fluctuations in our hormones and energy that affect us physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually throughout our own cycles.


I'm here to help you find the power in those ebbs & flows 


Are you ready to start living in flo?  

  • Are you disheartened by the current medical dogma that says your body is the problem and that your menstrual symptoms are "typical" for females?

  • Are you looking for guidance on how to tackle your menstrual woes?

  • Ready to ditch hormonal birth control and learn how to listen to your body and your own fertility clues to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

  • Perhaps you're yearning to intuitively connect with your own natural cycles and feminine essence? ​

  • Or maybe you're planning to get pregnant in the next few months to few years and are ready to start preparing your body for the healthiest pregnancy & baby possible? 

...if any of those are where you are in your journey then I'm here for you!

 Your menstruality 


Is your power

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Cyclical Living

Our energy ebbs & flows with our monthly cycle. You can learn how to live in a way that ebbs and flows with it.

Fertility Awareness Method

The practice of learning to read the subtle messages of your body to determine when you’re fertile & when you’re not. 

Menstrual Health

Cramps, breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, etc. They're common sure... but they aren't a normal or necessary part of your menstrual cycle.  

Hormone Balance

Statistics show that around 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Many women live with these imbalances long-term without even realizing it. Our hormones are vital to our overall health as women & keeping them in their delicate balance is crucial!

Pregnany Prep

Pre-conception or the "primester" is one of the most crucial times of your pregnancy journey. Prepping 3 months to 1 year before you want to conceive is ideal!

Ritualized Wellnesss

Ritual connects us to the beautiful and awe-inspiring forces of nature and to the spark of goddess that lies within all of us. It can enhance our wellness & connect us with our feminine wisdom.

Your inner wisdom is awaiting!

I empower women to embrace their bodies & feminine wisdom through cyclical living, fertility awareness, & empowered conception/pregnancy prep. 

I educate and support women along the reproductive continuum; through menses, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & beyond. I'm part of a broader community of amazing individuals striving to redefine reproduction & menstrual wellbeing and I'm so happy to be a part of this movement!

My work blends science with spirit! I have studied hormonal health, menstrual wellness, & the Fertility Awareness Method,  and am a certified health coach and doula. I constantly stay up to date on research within the field of women's wellness, but I mesh this seamlessly with our innate need for rooted, ancestral, and divine wisdom. 

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“Working with Hayley was a true blessing. She was able to customize my wellness plan to my needs and lifestyle so that I actually stuck with it and have seen lasting results."

-  Gabi H.

“Hayley is extremely supportive! Her coaching has allowed me to finally feel in control of my body.”

- Sarah M. 

“I love how Hayley speaks to you like a human being. She has all of this knowledge and is able to translate it in a way that makes sense.”

- Laura R.

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